Thursday, June 30, 2016

it's a wonderful time! Simply wuuunderful!

For the first time ever a patron, Double Turban Lady, who also happens to be one of my favorite patrons, told me I needed hurry up and have kids before it was too late.  

She looked simply incredulous when I told her how old I was. What if something happens to your man?  Don't you want a baby to remember him by?  

I tried to look just as incredulous.  Nope!  I have a garage full of his crap that's going to take the rest of my life to sort through.  More than enough to remember him by!  

Thankfully this stunned her into silence.  

Oddly enough a little later on I helped a grandma find parenting books that were specifically geared toward discipling a gifted five-year-old.  After finding a handful we went to locate the ones that my branch had on shelf.  While locating the books the five-year-old, who was most certainly present, laid down on the floor and spun around in circles pretending to be a helicopter.  At one point his grandma accidentally stepped on his hair and he very calmly and politely told her so.  

Then, as we were leaving the stacks the grandma asked if I had kids and thankfully when I said no she only said, well it's a lot of fun when you do.  I merrily said, yes fun times! 

The five year old, who was zigzagging along with us, enthusiastically hollered it's a wonderful time! Simply wuuunderful!  

I'm not sure there are any books for that kind of special.  And I think if you had 10,000 garages full of crap there's no comparison.  But twenty minutes of pure five-year-old happiness and helicopter shenanigans is plenty.  

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  1. I've never regretted my vasectomy at age 22. Of all the women I've known more than half did not have children and of those not a one ever expressed any regret. The Michelles and I were able to save money, do more of what we wanted and retired earlier. All along we've been fully aware that if we ever ran out of cats we could adopt a child. You go, gurl!!