Tuesday, June 28, 2016

picking out paint colors

Drywall has gone up!  At this very moment it is being mudded!

And we've also been picking out paint colors!  We just painted a bunch of drywall pieces and plan on taking them over to the house once the mudding is done.  

The living room, dining room, kitchen, stairwell and upstairs common area will be our ever faithful and most favorite color, Cavern by Martha Stewart.  Defunct yes since Martha Stewart colors are no more, but we have the magical code from the last time we used it (we've used it a lot).

It looks like this:

It's a brownish, purpley gray that's incredibly cozy and soft.  

Here are the rest of our choices:

The two hallways downstairs will both be a soft chocolate color.  

The master bedroom downstairs will be a rich blue.  We are leaning towards a gray color for master bath/closet/mudroom.  It's the gray closest to the two colors we originally picked for the master bath (which have maybe been vetoed already).  

Robert's office (which is the upstairs master suite) will be the exact same colors as the downstairs master suite.  The only difference is that he'll have the lovely brown tile, which is featured, and our master bath downstairs will have a gray rectangular tile.

The downstairs guest room will be a soft green, and the downstairs guest bath a green that is almost white.  It will have the same brown tile.

Both my office and the guest room upstairs will be a purpley/mauve gray.

And the upstairs guest bathroom will be white tile with the same soft chocolate color.

We chose navy for the front door, and this is what it looks like with the outside gray:

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  1. they are very restful and peaceful colors, perfect to come home too. 🌸