Wednesday, June 1, 2016

mostly girl power but also embroidery too!

Because I have been dealing with some tennis elbow I took two weeks off from tennis in May. This gave me a bit more time to read.  And pretty much everything I read was awesome.  So this month's review will be in two parts.

Best Adult/Teen books I read in May:

The Joy of Stitching by Nina Granlund Sæther

- great ideas like embroidering a denim jacket, coin purse or tshirts - I loved several of the designs: a giraffe with heart spots and the trolley car were my favorites, and they'll be fun to put my own spin on them - I also really like the pieces with text and am inspired to play with text more after reading this

Ms. Marvel volumes 1-4 by Willow Wilson and a variety of illustrators (my favorite is Adiran Alphona)

- Kamala is super lovable and relatable. She's really insecure and wants to make her family happy, but she's also trying to figure out her identity, which may not be what her family wants. She has the kind of identifiable angst that keeps the reader connected and rooting for her. - I love how she discovers new things about her superpowers and who she is, how she starts out transforming into one of her idols, Carol Danvers, but later changes things up. - the artwork is exceptional. - The next volume comes out in July!

Martha's Vineyard: Isle of Dreams by Susan Branch

- This is Susan Branch's third (but really second) book in her memoir series. This book is about flourishing after her divorce and moving to Martha's Vineyard, figuring out who she really is and learning how to give her gift of painting (and doily mentality) to the world. - Once again, be prepared to be awed by the diary format, stunning watercolor, supreme introspection, wisdom and girl power. - I am writing a bigger review of this and will share it soon! 

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