Tuesday, May 31, 2016

they didn't trust me with the lawn mower

Over the weekend Robert and I (attempted) to mow his grandmother's giant yard with a broken riding lawn mower.  As I made the laps around the field the dogs followed me, a little bemused and begrudgingly, but always just a few feet away.    

Robert took a turn so I could sit in the shade and read.  

And the dogs didn't follow him.  In fact they flopped down next to me and took a nap while I read.  Perhaps they love me more (doubtful) or they didn't trust me with the broken riding lawn mower (more likely), but I think that no matter what they did it out of love, and I am filled lots of warm fuzzy feelings about this.  

Before we mowed over all the flowers I did take a few pictures of them.

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