Monday, May 2, 2016

ABCs and Alcohol Inks

There are only two amazing books that I read last month. I read several good books, but they just weren't spectacular.

Pigments of Your Imagination: Creating with Alcohol Inks by Cathy Taylor

- in addition to having easy-to-understand instructions, this book is nicely organized - I loved the section on finding your muse and filling your workspace with inspiring objects - there are so many tools, methods and ideas in this book you will be entertained for at least a year - there is so much to learn and try, like creating texture with glue, purell and tar gel, reserving shapes with laminate to make images and a whole section filled with mega exciting tips from alcohol ink artists

ABC Dream by Kim Krans

- looking at the pictures and trying to figure out what they have to do with each letter is a little like finding Waldo or reading I Spy - in the back is a glossary of letters and the words they begin, which puts a whole new spin on the book: spelling! - the illustrations are super fun and though they often have little to do with neighboring illustrations, Krans magically makes it seem like hedgehogs should be wearing hats and chickens and cupcakes definitely belong together

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