Friday, May 13, 2016


Earlier this week I came home to a stack of goodies that arrived all on the same day:

Since then I have been in a constant state of mega joy overload. 

Robert's sister, Jennifer, got me jazzed up about Birchbox, and I love it.  For $10 a month you get a box of samples.  Last month I got chapstick and mascara and lotion and a couple other things that I don't understand but are still super pretty.

I am a huge fan of All Trap Music.  I've slowly acquired all four cds, and I can say with certainty that Uppers is my favorite jam.  Today, that is. Itunes has informed me that I've played Uppers an astonishing 38 times so far.  Good stuff.

I also got Dean Morrissey's The Monster Trap.  
Once a month I go to a local used bookstore and usually find a book on my never-ending list.  I also buy one online that's hard to find.  I am very very happy to have secured my very own copy of The Monster Trap.  Unfortunately the first human who reacts the same way I did when I read it the first time will probably end up with my copy.  But sharing is at the top of the joy-of-books list.

The thing I'm most excited about right now, out of all of the goodies and all of the bestest most awesomest things that have happened this past week, was getting my very own copy of Susan Branch's new book, Martha Vineyard, Isle of Dreams.  I adore Susan Branch.  How much do I adore her?  Well, I've been lugging around her book, which weighs about as much as 5 hardback books, in my bike bag the past couple days.  I also love her enough to pause the Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) comic book series I've been reading and have been absolutely immersed in for the past week.  

Susan Branch's newest book starts out where her last book, The Fairytale Girl, left off, which was after her crushing divorce.  Susan is equal parts devastated and blossoming into her own person, and so for the past couple days I've been alternating between feeling like an awkward Muslim girl who has superhero powers, and having a simultaneous making-my-own-path breakdown/awakening.  

Needless to say that even though my legs are cramped from biking Susan's book all over town, I have felt very badass and eager to help.  After a lady gave me too much change at the library I leapt over a small box of books to get her dollar back before it was too late and she had driven away.  It's possible I'm part inhuman or drunk on life.  Or forever finding my way.  Or forever finding my way through the perspective of the protagonist(s) of the book(s) I'm currently reading.

But I'm certainly ok with putting Ms. Marvel on the shelf for the moment because Susan Branch's book is turning out to be everything I hoped for and more.

I am going to spend my Friday evening playing with whatever's in the pink box this month, listening to some All Trap Music and reading until my dogs make me stop.  

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