Tuesday, September 24, 2013


recent gifts I received while riding my bike:

* (a Saturday): the heron was hanging out in a different spot this morning - in the creek beneath the bridge.  He was so close I could see him swallowing, or perhaps I saw the fish moving inside his throat.

* (a Thursday): I saw the heron in the new spot again this morning.  Also, I spotted a perfectly wrapped and untouched burger from McDonalds lying on the sidewalk.  Even the sticker hadn't been touched.  Three McDonalds were close by, sure, but all were at least a mile away.  What a bizarre little piece of art!

* (a Friday): I spotted a leaf that looked exactly like a smug toad.

* And finally, yesterday as I took off it occurred to me for the first time since last winter that I desperately needed my fleece headband.  The air had a chill to it that was pushy and sharp.  Turns out that the day before yesterday was the first day of fall.  Simply magical!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Found in a library book:

A picture of a quote that turned out to be more than just a quote.