Thursday, April 28, 2016

Jennifer's flying beetle

One of the things I was most excited about for our trip to D.C. and Baltimore was giving Jennifer an embroidery piece I've been working on the past couple of months.  

Last summer while Robert and I were visiting with Abby (Robert's other sister) in Colorado Springs, we went to May Natural History Museumwhich has a giant bug collection. Abby mentioned that Jennifer would be really upset knowing we went without her.  Turns out Jennifer is a HUGE fan of bugs.  

For instance, this is her coffee table:

She found some fake bugs she liked, put them in a recessed coffee table with a piece of glass on top and presto, functional bug feng shui happiness.

I decided last summer that Jennifer's bug would be a beetle, but then I couldn't figure out which beetle because there are too many amazing ones out there.  

For awhile I considered sewing a rhino beetle, but after months of indecision I ran across an illustration in a book by Maryjo Koch, and after playing around with that idea and making several sketches I took the flying beetle route.  

I think Jennifer and the flying beetle are going to be friends!


  1. I'm a fan of bugs too so that's a brilliant coffee table! The embroidery looks great too.

  2. That coffee table is absolutely epic :)