Tuesday, April 19, 2016

wiener dog date

While at work earlier this evening a lady approached the front desk and asked, weren't you the one who recommended A Big Little Life?  I nodded and she said Great! I brought my little dachshund with me and I'll go grab him and bring him in so you can meet him.

Before I could blink she was gone.  Quickly I found my coworker and told her I had a date with a wiener dog in the parking lot and would be right back.  

Thankfully I got to the door just as the lady was bringing in her dog.  And her husband!  She touched my arm and said, this is the lady who recommended A Big Little Life.

While I gave her darling white-faced wiener dog lots of love she told me how much she loved the book and that the vet who did back surgery on her weiner dog was the vet Dean Koontz mentioned in the book.

For anyone who hasn't read A Big Little life it is about Trixie, Koontz' golden retriever.  And it will melt your heart and make you want to run out and smooch every dog you see.

After we said our goodbyes I hurried back inside. Tomorrow Robert and I leave for a much-needed vacation.  After my date with the wiener dog I can't help but think what a wonderful way to leave.      

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