Monday, April 11, 2016

much needed day of splendor & waffles

Saturday at the library was... unsettling.  One patron waved me over for computer help only to show me a job requirements page and ask if I saw something wrong.  I pointed out that one of the requirements - applicants are expected to lift up to 75 pounds - seemed a little much.  Exactly! he shouted.  I gave him my sternest look.

So you know what I did? he whispered.  I called them and they told me that the applicant had to lift 75 pounds with a forklift, and when I asked them to change it to say that they told me it didn't need to be changed.  

And then the patron, shaking with frustration, sat in his chair with a thump and waved me away.  

Twice that morning the same patron nearly made me jump out of my skin by suddenly appearing and launching into the same tirade. After the second time I very politely and firmly told him he needed to let it go.  Once he stormed off I thought that the day was back on the right track.  

But then another patron came up to sign his son up for a library card and change the address on all the cards in the family.  As I helped him he started out talking normally, but soon slipped into an Irish accent followed by what I can only describe as Indian and as I started to hurriedly wrap up the interaction his voice got very squeaky and he started crying.  Right there at the desk in the library in front of his shocked 10 year old child. And loud enough for patrons and my coworkers to look over at us with looks of enormous concern on their faces.  

He kept trying to compose himself and finally whispered, I lost my job. I lost my house. I'm sorry.  And then very quickly he grabbed his kid, who was only too eager to leave, and rushed away.

I still had all of the accounts up because of the address change so I took a few deep breaths, gave a giant smile to all the concerned faces and deleted any fines I could find on the accounts.  

That night, after the library, I babysat, so I was exhausted when I got home.  

After a very good sleep Robert and I found ourselves with an entire day to do whatever we pleased.  We decided to explore Cave Spring park, which is this little oasis smack dab in the middle of the city.  It was a very peaceful hike, and we were fortunate enough to see both a heron and a doe in addition to what I can only describe as an army of May apples just shy of blossom.

Later, for lunch we stumbled on a waffle truck where a lady asked if Rose and Ella could have a treat, and thinking she meant waffle pieces said sure.  The next thing I know the lady is whizzing out of the truck with two hot waffles for our two golden retrievers.

Even though we finished the day with yard work and made quite the ruckus with the mower, Rose and Ella thought the day was splendid and are super excited to do it again.

Robert and I wholeheartedly agree.


  1. Holy cats!! Who'd ever guessed being a librarian could be so stressful. On another note...this is a great post. It flows beautifully, much like Ms. Smith's work in *M Train.*

    1. I think the next time someone sneaks up on me at the library I'm going to say 'holy cats' : ). And it's very intriguing that you mention M Train, as I keep seeing it come through the library and grow more and more curious about it. Time to read it!

  2. Hello, Hannah. Wow...that is an eventful time at the library. Sounds like you have a job that is never dull :)

    Cheers from Germany.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Every day at the library is always different, always full of such unique people : ).

  3. I love reading about your library adventures. It is nice to know Rose and Ella are feeling like their chipper selves. The pictures are very beautiful.