Wednesday, June 22, 2016

with healing there is always some stinging

I took an impromptu hike today.  Despite the flying stinging and biting bugs it was very cathartic.  I also did the full six miles even though it was 100 degrees.  

This is my faithful brown pack (courtesy of my mom, who took it on a handful of trips to South America), which perfectly holds two water bottles, a snack, book and journal. Or if I take the dogs, 50 kazillion poop bags and their water.  But it was much too hot for the girls today.  So the pack was all mine.  

It was a brisk hike for cathartic reasons, yes, but also because I was being eaten alive by all sorts of hateful flying things.  So I didn't expect to see any magic.  Two snakes, one a rattler, shot off the path into the woods and I was fine with that.  But then towards the end of the walk I saw this:

Anyone know what kind of birdy comes from this?


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    1. I was thinking the same thing!!! You remember that book you recommended about birdies? Well I recommended to a patron and now we're buds! And she is a birder so I'm going to ask her about the egg too.

  2. I am 1/2 way through Mind of a Raven. A little dry but I am ❤️Ing it.