Friday, June 17, 2016

a brawl of tacky proportions

Robert and I had scheduled to take a trip for a few days but the trip fell through.  It was definitely a good thing though!  We have been spending a lot of time picking out outdoor lighting, shopping for tile, discussing landscaping and organizing our paint chip samples into agreeable clumps depending on whether there's a chance we're ever going to open any of the doors in the house.  Apparently if a door opens between say the bedroom and bathroom and the two colors don't match there could be a brawl of tacky proportions and the possibility of damaging our eyes forever.    

And honestly Robert and I should know this.  In a house we lived in briefly there was a unanimous decision between us to paint the dining room red and the living room green even though they were right next to each other.  Needless to say the place gave me the creeps and we moved out right after the holiday season.  

While Robert and I have been doing all this legwork both the deck and the foam installation have been going in.  

It's tough to imagine that my clothes will be hanging in this spot someday.  

Robert took about a million pictures of the foam going in because, as you know, foam insulation is just so fascinating.

And I know this isn't a great shot of the deck...       

But while I was writing this I asked Robert if he had any deck pictures because I forgot to take any what with all the thrilling foam stuff going on. Robert didn't have any pictures so he took a screenshot using our kitty cam.  That's right folks.  
We have a kitty cam.  Robert's been running around, setting our cameras up, and the very first activity was of a beautiful cat doing its slinking around thing.  Other than that we have mostly been spying on the workers, and because Robert has no couth, he's even scared the bejeesus out them by saying hi a few times via the doorbell talky box thing. 

Hopefully I will soon have pictures of the leading contenders for paint and maybe a couple of those will be possibilities for the front door.  But let's give them a little time to cool off so they can get past their differences and get along so that Robert and I can keep our eyesight.    

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