Tuesday, July 5, 2016

tiny house living, victorious birds and frilly knickers

So many book duds this month!  And to make matters worse the books all seemed to be promising enough to get quite a ways into before falling apart for one reason or another.

Thankfully these three books saved the day!

The Big Tiny by Dee Williams

I've already reviewed this book.  Darn!  For the few days it took to read this it felt like I was building both a tiny house and a mammoth one.  It was the best kind of confusing.  Sadly the smallest house I could live in would have to be big enough to accommodate my library.  

Feathers for Lunch by Lois Ehlert

Ehlert's illustrations always stir up happiness. It is no secret that I idolize her artistry. In this book she does an amazing job of not only bringing in the reader with her brilliant artwork, she also uses a lot of text. The text has three layers - the simple story of the cat trying to catch a birdy, the names of flowers and birdies, and also the sounds of not only the cat's collar but fun birdy sounds too. The glossary of birdies in the back is an extra treat. 

Underpants Dance by Marlena Zapf and Illustrated by Lynne Avril

Everyday millions of pretty underpants are completely hidden from the world. Sure we know we have frills and strawberries and unicorns on our underpants, but sometimes it isn't enough that we are the only ones who know*. Lily has awesome underpants and through hilarious antics, quirky illustrations and lots of dancing, she shares her underpants with the world. By the end of this book you will be saying you go girl!

*if you are adult and you know better keep your knickers to yourself

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