Tuesday, July 26, 2016

roadkill art!

Over the weekend I did some much-needed and very happy gallivanting around town with family.  

We went to the Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair, and no amount of heat and humidity dampened our delight.  

I found three necklaces - a rather large and serene sloth, a dainty cutout made from an old tea tin and a genuine skunk jaw (roadkill art!).  My mom and I also found some neat headbands with a wire inside so they're super versatile.  

Rachel collected cards from nearly every booth and also scored a super cool pocket watch with a floral front and a ribcage backing (not a real ribcage you silly goose).  

I also had a chance to gab with (and possibly freak out) two local embroidery artists, both doing entirely different and exciting things with their art. I enthusiastically told the first embroidery artist that we should be friends, and when I met the second artist I kept the enthusiasm in check so maybe I have a chance with her.  

After the Strawberry fair we swam on over to the Cultivate fair, which was really just one big Chipotle advertisement.  But Rachel got to see the Mowglis (very important) while my mom and I discovered the dozen or so breweries that were sampling their goods (also very important).  Turns out I have a new favorite beer that I can't stop thinking about.  It's by Perennial Artisan Ales and it's called the Suburban, and if you are into sour beers it's pure orange-lemon-lime happiness. Crane Brewing Company was also there, and is still my favorite brewery.  I've gone to events just for them.  When I was recovering from knee surgery a couple years ago I hobbled my way to an event because I knew Crane would be there.  They can do no wrong.  

It was a really great weekend.  Going to tuck away all the happiness for a rainy day.    

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