Saturday, July 16, 2016

Curious George gets spanked

Today at the library an elderly man approached the desk, handed me a dvd and asked if I could read the description on the back.  

"Sure!" I said, happy to help.  

As I started to read he leaned in.  "My hearing aint too good. Speak up."

At some point while reading sentence three it dawned on me that I was reading some sketchy stuff.  I faltered only half a second before continuing on. Despite the overwhelming urge to simultaneously disappear and hurl chunks everywhere I kept smiling and pretending I was reading the description, for say, a Curious George movie instead of this:

"The Little Death is a truly original comedy about sex, love, relationships and taboo. In a multi story narrative, we peer behind the closed doors of a seemingly normal suburban street. A woman with a dangerous fantasy and the partners who struggle to please her. A man who begins an affair with his own wife without her knowing anything about it. A couple struggling to keep things together after a sexual experiment spins out of control. A woman who can only find pleasure in her husband's pain. A call centre operator caught in the middle of a dirty and chaotic phone call. And the distractingly charming new neighbour who connects them all. The little Death explores why do we want what we want? How far will we go to get it? What are the consequences of that fleeting moment of sexual ecstasy?"

About halfway through the description the elderly gentleman stopped me, and when I glanced up he wasn't the only one looking intrigued.  Yep, folks, the entire library wanted to watch it after that.  

Thankfully the elderly gentleman saved the day by asking, "So it's a comedy, right?"

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