Wednesday, December 2, 2015

calmer and sunnier

Though reminders of recent family visits still lurk, blaring bittersweet memories, and I have been doing my best to walk carefully through the heaps of drywall, plaster and dirt that await me at the bottom of the stairs, it has been a lot calmer and sunnier at home.  

Robert is feeling better.  After stepping on a nail, and a big ol' splinter too - found at a doctor's visit today - he also managed to get the cold that my mom and I had. He's up and moving around now though, down to one crutch and his beatific smile is back.  

Demo has paused, however, but on my next day off I plan on jumping in again.  I'm more than ready to do some of the fun stuff that comes with remodeling and the walls must come down before all the fru fru nonsense.

It can be easy to take it one day at a time when I'm removed from the mess, but as soon as I crunch my way through the debris in my boots I am both overwhelmingly exhausted and maniacally energized by my need for some sense of order and progress.

I will tell you that on the one day I participated in demo I was maniacally energized, and it completely disappeared the first time I picked up a sledgehammer.    

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