Saturday, December 26, 2015

She blew kisses!

We had several holiday surprises yesterday!

A friend of ours, Hunter, made not only breakfast, but also dinner too (I'm devouring leftovers as I write).  Plus, we finally got a chance to play the game Rummikub.

My dad called and we had a nice chat.

I facetimed with my family who live in Tucson, and my niece, Harper, acknowledged my existence and didn't seem to be terrified of me : ).  She blew kisses!

I received some fancy tea from Scott (brother), 23 different bottles of bubble bath from Robert, two very unique textile pieces and several other things from my mom, and...

Probably the biggest surprise of all was this:

Robert's mom, Audrey, has been secretly making us a rug, and she's going to make it even bigger!

It was a great day!  I hope everyone had a marvelous holiday as well.   

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