Thursday, December 31, 2015

Yep, my earlobes

For several weeks now my sleep has been incredibly deep.  When I wake up in the morning it takes me awhile to figure out where I am, who I am, and even then the sleeping world hovers just above me, ready to envelope me if I drop my waking guard.  I'm usually a deep sleeper, and while I can't fall asleep if there are any noises, even gentle snoring, once I'm asleep I only occasionally hear the alarm clock, and I'm sure if a full orchestra were to sneak into my bedroom and play a marching song it's entirely possible that I may not wake up.  My dogs even know this and almost always go to Robert when they need something in the middle of the night.

This new deep sleep is a little different.  It feels like I'm consumed by it or transported away from the world and then thrown back rather hastily.  I've even been falling asleep fairly easily.  Even last night, after eating a late-night cupcake, I fell asleep even before I consented to it.

Falling asleep isn't usually so easy for me.  Sometimes it can take hours.  I'll lay there consumed by all sorts of anxieties until I can stand it no more.  Then I get up and have a glass of milk.  Every once in awhile I take a bath if the milk doesn't calm me, and on a handful of occasions I have consumed two or three glasses of milk and taken a bath before finally drifting off to sleep.  I also have the terrible habit of eating something like ice cream or a cupcake before bed and then spending a few restless hours consumed by macarena-like jitters.

My earlobes are always the first indicator that I've had too much sugar.  What?!?  Yep, my earlobes.  I like to sleep on my side, and if I've had too much sugar what always jerks me awake is the realization that my earlobes are inside my ears.  I feel this giant wave of panic which I usually mitigate by lots of rearranging. Just as soon as I'm comfortable and my earlobes are flat I can feel them inching back into my ears again.  I try lying on my back but then my head falls to the side and there go my rebellious earlobes, right back into my ears.  This can go on for hours.  

But thankfully, I've been sleeping really deeply, so deeply in fact that I wake up with my hair in my mouth, my head and limbs at odd angles, and yes, usually an earlobe all up in my ear's business. Doesn't even bother me.  I'm not really even sure who I am, let alone what crazy nonsense is going on with those dangly things.  

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    Maybe you're familiar?

    Happy Earlobes Day!!