Sunday, December 13, 2015

very happy sprinkled donut

I celebrated my birthday recently. 

I began the day alone in the library.  I needed to make up time so I arrived extra early and spent a peaceful hour pulling nonfiction books for send item, which is one of my favorite things to do at the library, and the nonfiction section is a popular favorite.  

I really like to see what people are requesting and also what's trending.  Sadly, when a poet dies they are suddenly popular.  But happily people reach out to books for guidance when catastrophe strikes.  Send item is often the only thread that connects me to world happenings.  When several books on the same subject are wanted by different people at different branches my interest is always piqued.    

During send item a coworker showed up with birthday donuts.  So I added a very happy sprinkled donut to my send item cart for spontaneous nibbling and donut dancing.  

I received lots of birthday cheer from loved ones and friends throughout the day.  I came home to cupcakes, Pitch Perfect and a surprise gift from my brother, Scott: 2 library-related books and a fart dictionary (naturally).  

I finished the day with a little sewing and music before crashing.

I celebrated again with my mom and Scott at a brief dinner full of laughter and silliness at Noble Hops.  

It was a damn near perfect birthday.

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