Monday, November 30, 2015

I swear I saw the coffee table jump a few inches

The past few days have been a little wild.  I'd like to think it's more of the happy kind of wild than the scary kind, but you be the judge.  

On Thursday morning Robert and I went to Ihop for breakfast and discovered my mom in the parking lot.  My mom lives in Arizona so this is quite the jump.

Turns out she flew in to help with demo, which we launched into with great gusto after eating a few pancakes.  We had a great time tearing down walls.  It rained the entire day, but we managed to make quite a mess and take many loads out to the 40 yard dumpster we had rented.  Mom even seemed to form an attachment to the crow bar, which shouldn't surprise me, but it was a little strange to hear her calling it her little friend.  Robert's mom, Audrey and grandma, Carolyne, made us a nice dinner and we promptly passed out shortly thereafter.

Friday I woke up feeling pretty icky so my mom and I took the day off from demo.  Robert stuck with it and by the end of the day had knocked out another room.  I was scheduled to work Saturday, but I was still sick and came home to sleep it off.  My mom was also sick by this point.  Robert had found a helper, however, so my mom and I dozed on the couch which felt like it was going to fall through the floor at any minute.  At one point I swear I saw the coffee table jump a few inches.  We were so tired and icky we didn't care.  At some point Robert came up and mentioned he had stepped on a nail so he was through with demo for the day.  

He sat on the couch for only a few minutes before he decided he should go to the ER.  It turns out that while there is not much they can do for a nail in the foot, it was very educational, moreso than talking to the Ask a Nurse.  Robert had used liquid bandaid after taking a bath.  Two big no nos.  I don't know if that exacerbated the problem, but Robert has been in more pain than when a horse kicked him and broke his foot or when he suffered a mile long scrape and bruise combo when he rescued Rose from a fetid creek (two great stories for another time).

He has been hobbling around on crutches, and while he's been good-natured about it, his face has been a constant grimace.  

I'll never forget the time my dad and I were visiting a friend of his, and on the way into the house my dad, who is quite the silly dancer, started doing his super silly dance, and I laughed of course.  Turns out that he had a nail in his foot.  Shut me right up.

Despite Robert's calamity and the two colds and the fact that it has rained every day since my mom arrived, I think it's been a decent visit.  The downstairs is mostly demolished as well, but I think that has something to do with the hired help.

So it's been a little wild here, but we are all alive and underneath all the mucous and blood we're all pretty happy.  

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