Saturday, November 7, 2015

She was carrying a giant bag of paper scraps

The morning's bicycling adventure was a tad too adventurous.  Every gear change jerked my feet from the pedals and a couple times nearly threw me from my bike (time for a check-up apparently).  I was also tired and making dumb mistakes.  The library was empty so I grumbled into my coffee and savagely threw each bite of yogurt into my mouth.

Having eradicated much of the sour bike ride from my system, I shuffled from the break room, ready to work but so very tired.

A couple hours into work one of my favorite volunteers arrived for her shift.  She was carrying a giant bag of paper scraps.

Paper scraps for me.

A few people know I collect paper for my collage projects and instead of throwing anything away they save me their paper trash.  I have quite the paper stash thanks to thoughtful people saving their scraps for me.

So of course this totally turned my day around!  I couldn't wait to take a break so I could peruse the goods and generate new ideas.

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  1. Paper scraps..... the simple things in life given by wonderful thoughtful people is what turns the day around.