Wednesday, November 18, 2015

the most giant game of legos ever

We have picked out a few things for the house!

We've decided use straight edge Hardie shingles (the one on top).  We've also decided to cover the whole house with them rather than breaking it up in any way.

Shingle-iced housecake!  

While my dreams of using staggered edge Hardie shingles to create an adorable fairy tale pad were dashed after losing a game of rock paper scissors, the team that is designing our house seconded Robert's preference of the straight edge Hardie shingles, especially since we are covering the entire house in them.

We also cannot agree on a paint color.  I want anything but a neutral, but preferably teal or sage green and Robert wants a neutral (and only recently told me he likes blue too).  So we are pretty sure we are going with gray, which is a neutral, yes, but it is my favorite color.  I am still pondering a blue house, however, because it is not a neutral.  Finding an existing pretty blue house is proving to be quite difficult and we really want to see it before we paint the whole house.  

So it’s starting to look like we are going with gray.  Our only concern with the color gray is that we plan on painting most of the interior gray as well.  But if it's the only color we can agree on, and not only that, a color we both adore, we say why not?  We are totally prepared for a gray explosion.

We also decided to go with casement windows and nix the shutters.  We picked out a bathtub for the master bath and all of the hardware as well.  Turns out that Kohler makes it pretty easy. Once you find a style you like, it gives you a list of everything a bathroom could ever hope for, even a toilet paper holder!

Robert has also decided that we are perfectly capable of laying our own radiant floor heating.  He even found an award-winning radiant heating cartographer to map out the plan for us!  There will come a day I wake up fully expecting to cuddle, read and sew the entire day, only to have a wild-eyed Robert ecstatically exclaiming that it's the day to start laying out the tubing.  I know this nerd.  I know how he's going to talk it up like we’re going on a cruise, and instead we will be breaking out the knee pads and playing the most giant game of legos ever.

Ok, that actually doesn't sound so bad.

Robert keeps reminding me that there will be days that the remodel will be happening, and I won't even notice it.  Even though I have texted my face into poles and doors many times, I was a little offended by this.  Surely I'm a little bit more observant than that!

But no, he is merely reassuring me that there are going to be a lot of internal things happening like electricity and plumbing, and it’ll be tough to always see the progress.​

After work yesterday I came home and noticed something exciting out of the corner of my eye.

Our roommate moved out only last weekend and Robert is already dismantling her bathroom. 


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  1. So very very exciting. I can't wait!