Saturday, June 5, 2010

all of a sudden

wow, I am excited to wake up again. even for little things like chopping trees all day when it's 90 degrees outside. I thought that the lack of excitement was an age related thing, but no, apparently not. I have been waking up long before the alarm clock, ready to tackle the weeds and dead trees, ready to bike and play tennis. Last week a friend asked if I wanted to be her partner in an upcoming tournament, and I not only said yes I also signed up for singles too. I wasn't even going to touch tournaments this year because I felt like tennis was beating me down, but I'm excited to play and not as concerned about busting balls.

A day after I finished all my course work, the very last of my BA, I loaded up the dogs and took them to the dog park. Once I was there I bolted out of my car, prepared to feel this great elation and fulfillment, and you know what? I felt nothing. Not a gosh darn thing. I was prepared to leap, but the force was not there. Finally, a month later, all of a sudden


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