Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy tea

Took a walk with audrey, robert and the poops this morning and grabbed a bagel. Now, I'm back in front of the computer : (, but robert made a cup of happy tea and I'm listening to Peter, Paul and Mary on pandora.

Another 10 pages to crank out. Also a revision?

If I can get done today I want to do something spectacular tomorrow, but it's supposed to rain. So Dicks it is!

We'll see.

I'm ready to get the bike fixed and get back on it before the fear eats me up. I've been having nightmares about Friday. Did I mention that my chain broke while I was crossing a very busy road. Robert thinks it's funny, but I've had bad dreams about it the past two nights. Wow, what a simple life, a simple mind. I should be thankful for that.

Also, the station just switched to Simon & Garfunkel. How can you go wrong with that???? OMG AND NOW IT'S THE KINGSTON TRIO - WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE!!!!!!!!! Holy wow, Peter, Paul and Mary is the best station on Pandora.


  1. I can last all of 15 minutes on my bike. I am wanting to get out of the RV park and back to a state park where I can ride without watchful eyes and build up my stamina.

    I hate rain.

    boo hisssss



  2. This was my song for Meander when he was a Pup. Not much has changed,