Tuesday, May 4, 2010

bastard donut pushers

I am not going to lie. I am a sugar freak. I heart sugar. And I actually kicked it for about two months last summer, but I succombed to the habit again. Now, I am proud to say, that since April 18th I have kicked the habit again, and I do sincerely plan to stay strong this time. Now, how do I explain my boundaries with sugar? Ok, I still eat as much fruit as I want. I also have a drizzle of honey during breakfast, a piece of dark chocolate a day and the hidden sugars that lurk in pasta sauces, cottage cheese and milk. If the sugar is lurking around I try to make sure that there isn't any more than ten grams of it. In fact, most often, there is less than five. I finally found granola with less than five grams. And it tastes amazing. Now, here's the deal. I hear a lot of crap from people about the fruit, dark chocolate and assorted foods that contain sugar (bread, holy crap), and they think that I'm full of shit. But, really, this is a huge deal to me. I usually have dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and most often I will eat some sort of sugar for a snack. So, the fact that I've reduced my sugar intake to fruit, dark chocolate (usually 70%+ btw), and various foods is a huge damn deal. And I am proud. Now, if the dessert is something unique then I am going to try it by god. But I usually only run across rare desserts a couple times a month. And a bite of a cookie is better than the whole darn thing.

Today I got an email from my favorite donut place. "Where did you go?" it asked. "We will give you a free donut if you come back."


Oh and this is extremely adorable.

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  1. I tease you about your sugar and I will admit it. BUT you are right, and my doctor will pat you on the head for what you are doing. I was told to cut back on my sweets and I have been doing pretty good.

    Damn donut place - make them spam.

    Robert and Louis - makes me what to find a man and build a web page.... but only if I can dump him after wards.