Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Another fabulous day. I just have the best life yo. The best family. The best lovah. Word. Yesterday I played an hour of singles and took a 2 hour bike ride so today I was less than excited about tennis. I played an hour and a half of doubles though and had a total blast. I've been really on and off lately, and today felt like a little of both. After doubles I still had an hour of singles and let me tell you I was pooped. I was ready to go home and plop with a good book and some tea. But I stayed with it and played aok. I didn't work out afterwards though. No weights so far this week, but I'm ok with that. Screw it. I strongly dislike the gym. I'm trying to do it at home, but it's proving tough because I simply don't want to. Ha! I think if I could go through life without worrying about my weight I would bike and play tennis and do all the yoga moves that don't hurt my wrists. And that's it. I would try other sports, but I would skip all this weight lifting crap. But it's important they say. And I can't complain. I'm lucky to have access to it.

I also got a little bit of packing done. Tomorrow I am going to finish it as best as I can and wash the poops.

I'm getting really excited about the upcoming trip. So much so that I'm having a hard time sleeping. I wake up too early all fluttery and can't go back to sleep.

Tonight Robert's class ended early and he stopped at Whole Foods and picked up my favorite mint tea, fresh almond butter and my favorite pre-made salad (the one with spinach, feta, and strawberries)! Like holy wow what did I do right? So, I'm sure you can guess what I had for dinner. Afterwards he took me out for a banana split (my weekly sugar fling), and it was spectacular.

I can already tell you about the next sugar fling. Remember those Chips Ahoy cookies, the crunchy kind? I haven't been inside a gas station for a long time, but I'm thinking if we're going on the road I should be able to snag one of those little packs. But do they even make them anymore? I don't know, but I am going to have one. And I am going to dunk it in a glass of real milk. I've been thinking about it for awhile now but haven't seen any of the little packs (ok I've been obsessing). Sometimes R will tell me what he thinks about before he goes to sleep: travelling forever with me, having kids in a big country house, going for rides in the truck with the bluegrass station on. And then he asks me what I think about before I go to sleep. And here I am taking the cookie from the package and dunking it in a giant glass of milk. Ok ok while it is clearly evident that my romantic fantasies involve Chips Ahoy cookies I also dearly love Robert, and so I talk to him about a dream house, a dream truck ride, little tots using sharpies to ink up a purple fainting couch, but no matter what, there I am, holding the cookie and the glass of milk.

But way way off the topic.

I can't wait for tomorrow! And then the next day!

Honestly I'm glad to be free.

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