Wednesday, June 9, 2010

some good tennis yo

Yesterday I had tennis scheduled twice. Outside. I got in my car, started driving, and the rain began to fall. Thankfully we secured two courts at the club. Ginger (a tennis buddy) and I waited an hour for our court, but as soon as it opened we rushed out there and started to play (well she was 20 minutes late due to the storms). We had only an hour to play and we did not waste a minute of it. At one point I picked up a ball, noticed it was wet and smacked it around for a minute to dry it off. It finally dawned on me that we were playing inside. So I look around and sure enough water is gushing in. We keep playing. The next thing I know I see the owner of the club through the glass window. She is waving her arms frantically. I look at the tv behind her. Tornado warning. I tell Ginger. She doesn't even pause during her serve. That's some good tennis yo.

And who takes tornado warnings seriously around here? I know I'm just throwing eggs at danger, but whoopdedo Katie Horner.

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