Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The library book sale!

I have been dreaming of this day for awhile.

People had homemade contraptions: a dolly with three orange crates glued? taped? to it, big black trash bags on a mechanic's creeper, even laundry baskets tied together.

I swore I saw someone wearing a camelpak.

Within an hour I called Robert for backup. I had just made my first trip to the car and still hadn't perused interior design or biographies. But I found a cart and used it instead of Robert. He did take me out for lunch though.

And then I came back.

I think I brought home close to 50 books. And after I took pictures I alphabetized them, found their correct shelves and shelved them. Elation!

Most of the haul:

I've read a few of these before, but did not have copies until now.

Have you read this one mom?

I am slowly building my Berg, Hoffman, Quindlen collection. I have almost all of Hoffman's books now!

And I know how upset you were to discover that I only have one of Kaye Gibbons' books. Well here you go mom. No more bitching!

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  1. Frank McCourt's book I haven't read. Kaye Gibbons.... I love her. I am drooling right now.