Monday, June 14, 2010

no frowns

I played in my first doubles tournament and totally sucked. I also sucked in singles too. But there's always something to smile about. First, I am proud to say that I stayed positive the whole time. No frowns or negative feelings. We all have crappy days. Second, I conquered my fear of doubles. Hated it a year ago, and now I think I like it. I think I'll do other doubles tournaments. And third, I made losing look good.


And what should a person do when they totally suck? They should get the h out of town. So R and I left Saturday night right after I lost and headed to the lake. To chop down a few more trees, and to have a little fun swimming with the dogs. And let me tell you something. There is something so freaking amazing about swimming with dogs. We were free and goofy and powerful.

We came back last night just in time for ice road truckers and a fantastic storm. Tennis was cancelled this morning so I decided to take the poops for a jog. Today just wasn't their day. They didn't want to jog at all. We jogged walked for awhile until I threw up my hands in defeat. I was already having a frustrating morning, one of those mornings where I feel really disconnected from myself, and I wasn't ready to fight two dinosaurs. I was also looking for the 'clicking moment.' Whenever I get disconnected from myself, whether it's physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally there is always that moment when I magically reconnect. I call it the clicking moment. Sometimes it's a song, gesture or another person that creates the clicking moment.

Today, after we stopped trying to jog I noticed an elderly man carefully inspecting his lawn. He looked like he was waiting for something to do. Quite possibly he was waiting for his clicking moment too. The dogs immediately bolted for him and unlike the majority of people we see on walks who have babies or strained faces (or both), he pulled the dogs close and made kissy faces with them. For a minute or so the three of them created this little world, and he talked with them, addressing them with genuine interest. Finally he noticed the owner attached to the leashes and said good morning.

We would have never met him if we had been jogging. What a fine click moment! For the rest of the walk I let Ella splash through every puddle and we took our time with every smell.


  1. Hey I do find positive. We ended up moving three times in that park, someone did steal my cable cord but returned my water regulator (go figure). It was worth a few chuckles.

    Sounds like a great day for you. What is your blood type?

  2. I fixed the problems, now you can see my pictures.

  3. I think there is no A+ diet. You just follow the A diet. My blood type is O+ BUT I can't possibly follow it so I'm just going to amp up the protein, eat ezekiel stuff and go light on the dairy. There is no way I can give up pickles, avocados and oj just to name a few.