Thursday, June 10, 2010

all over that shit

So I'm a little wiped, played late tennis, trying to wind down and the boys come home all noisy like. Whooping and talking loudly. Suddenly Josh comes barreling in and shows me his nipple rash he got from sweating. Like wtf is up with boys? I'm like put some diaper rash ointment on it and he just rolled his eyes. Finally he left, hollering to robert about how he was going to cut holes in his shirt for his nipples.

Gross. But seriously kind of funny. I must be tired.

Today was great though. Went to the library, found the items I had on hold and decided not to check out one of the books. I go to check out with the grumpy lady who never smiles, and after I tell her that I don't want the book anymore she scans it and lets out a little ooh ooh! Totally shocked the bananas out of me. This woman who always wears a frown is suddenly smiling and dancing in her seat. "I'm next in line for this book," she sings. Well paint me black and call me pink.

Also took the poops to the poopy park, which is exactly what it smelled like. Of course we drove too fast and listened to the beach boys the whole way. And after I dropped them off at home I grabbed some supper before the gym. As I was paying for my food the guy said are you from Tuck-son Arizona? (I was wearing a Tucson shirt) I'm like Tucson? And he's like yeah! I couldn't get out of there fast enough, and the whole way I'm walking to the door he's still talking to me.

But that wasn't the entire icing on the cake. I still had to go to the gym. I loathe going at night. At night all the hunky, sweaty manly men come out. And it doesn't matter if you have thunder thighs or a mean glare on your face. They will wink and give you disgusting looks. OH! Speaking of thunder thighs, have you seen the Nike ads? HOLY EFFING WOW! Thunder as in my thighs are made out of it, they are supernatural and electric and I will break the sky with them. Kate Chopin and Mary Wollstonecraft would be all over that shit.

But the gym actually went well. I am loving that pretzel ab machine. It's like uh! take that you lazy bellybutton! You know the one I'm talking about, the one where you push your knees into your face. Good machine for aggression.

And then I came home and watched SYTYCD and ate a bowl of life. By myself.

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  1. Sounds like a fun day.

    What is SYTYCD? wait I just figured it out.