Saturday, December 31, 2016

calling the waaahmbulance

I worked Christmas Eve, and due to it being a holiday weekend it was terribly slow.  When my throat started feeling itchy and the chills set in during the afternoon I decided to stick it out.  It was a good day to stick it out.  I was mostly sitting and had so few patron interactions (one of which was a gentleman who handed me a footlong sausage and jar of sauce from a nearby BBQ place and said Merry Christmas).  

Though I felt poorly, Rachel, Robert and I had an excellent dinner with Robert's brother and sisters. After that, I promptly passed out and pretty much slept through Christmas day.  I had a raging sore throat that lasted through Tuesday, and thankfully dulled by Wednesday morning because I had an interview at the same library system I work for.  Though I could barely speak the interview went well and I hurried home to spend time with Robert's sisters, who were back to stay for a couple days.

Thankfully I was feeling better and we spent a merry day touring Boulevard Brewery, playing games and making cookies.  That night, one of Robert's sisters became sick with a bug she caught at another family gathering.  The next day, Thursday, not only was I feeling poorly again, but both Robert's sisters were also sick.

Unfortunately, they both had long drives ahead of them and more visiting planned.  I promptly went back to sleep, and on Friday decided it was time for the dreaded antibiotics.  My doctor did something so marvelous I'm still in shock over it.  I called and talked to her nurse, who asked me about my symptoms and told me she'd talk to the doctor and call me back.  When the nurse called me back it was to tell me that a prescription for antibiotics had been sent in to my pharmacy.  I didn't have to see my doctor at all.  Hallelujah.  Unfortunately, because it's been years since I've had antibiotics I forgot how terribly they mess with my stomach. And also, Robert and Rachel are both sick now. The question is did they catch something from me or from the sisters...  Or both?  

Sitting here, completely alone so early in the evening because Rachel and Robert are both asleep, I am trying to appreciate the alone time, but with a tummy that can't keep anything down and a sad, neglected game of Ticket to Ride sitting on our newly unearthed dining room table, I cannot help but feel a little lonely.

But I have a lot to be thankful for.  Robert's mom and grandma spent a wonderful day hanging out with us.  Robert's sisters and their dogs stayed with us in our new house for two whole nights. Something else to point out is that both Robert and I won the sibling lottery.

I'm also thankful that our house is getting to be so homey.  I've been making smoothies all the time.  The kitchen is constantly being used.

We have a huge dining room table to play all the games we want (we're huge board/card games people).  And more importantly, we have so many friends and family to play games with.  Rachel made almost straight A's this past semester (Algebra 2 was a well fought-for B) and she's so close to getting her driver's license (I'm equally delighted for her and ridiculously petrified).

I also had another opportunity to interview (it took me 6 tries to get the position I have currently, and this was my 6th interview for the next step up), and even if I don't get the job I'm happy no matter what as long as I'm working at the library.  Robert also seems more relaxed.  With his computer business, working at local high schools as their tech guy and also remodeling the house, there's been little time for him to kick it.  There's been so much more of his nerdy glee recently.  It's been great.  I just have so much to be thankful for.       

So I roll my eyes at my loneliness.  There's too much to be happy about.  I will use this time constructively and watch lots of Will & Grace and cuddle my dogs and laugh quietly so I don't wake anyone up.

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