Monday, December 5, 2016

spoiled and loved

I had such a fun birthday!

I woke up very excited because I was in the middle of a fantastic audiobook, and I had planned to listen to it while I walked to work.  It was probably the fastest I've ever left the house.  

The audiobook started skipping immediately and I was fine missing a few words here and there, but when the book went from chapter 25 to chapter 30 I lost my positive outlook real fast.  I called Robert, who threw on his cape and said he'd pick up a copy of the book that was available at another branch, and life was good again (yes, I'm very spoiled and loved).   

I enjoyed two pieces of fancy fruitcake toast when I got to work and spent a very peaceful and merry hour alone in the building before my coworkers arrived.  

During this time I found this in my mailbox:

Though I couldn't listen to my audiobook while processing materials I did listen to my music on shuffle, and because the stars aligned, it played several songs that made me think of my loved ones, and I felt like they were with me all day. 

They also called me nonstop (which made me smile pretty much all day). 

Rachel, Robert and Robert's mom, Audrey, picked me up after work and took me out for a steak dinner filled with plenty of wonderful conversation. 

And yes, I received lots of presents because I am spoiled : ). Robert and Rachel gave me a plushy, plaid robe, 2 new coffee thermoses and fancy holiday Elbow chocolates.  I tried out the thermos yesterday when I took my coffee to tennis.  I left the thermos in the car for about an hour and a half and it was not only still hot when I finished tennis, the coffee stayed hot all the way through grocery shopping afterwards.  And more importantly, it's sooo pretty.

Last night one of my most favorite people made me dinner (beef wellington and angel food cake): 

And she also gave me this excellent scarf:

It was a very special birthday : D

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