Monday, December 19, 2016

the best way to enjoy a snowy weekend

This weekend we had a small icy snow storm. Thankfully, we were snug in the house, playing with my new zoom loom and studying for finals (Rachel is almost done with her first semester!). We also made 50 mini loaves of banana bread for coworkers and cried all the way through the documentary about Caroll Spinney, I Am Big Bird.  

We bought the bananas a week ago and enjoyed watching them turn brown.  Brown bananas are not only excellent for baking, but also for smoothies!

Interestingly enough, awhile back I found myself absolutely smitten with a friend's zoom loom.  So much so that I bought myself one for my birthday. Turns out that doing it by myself is incredibly hard, and my first square looks like some crazed beast got ahold of it. And no, I'm not talking about Robert, though he helped me wade through the instructions and offered much support as I cursed my way through my first square.  

Will I give up?  Nope, I'm giving it another try on my next day off, and I'm going to use a different yarn and also aim for less tension when I'm setting up the loom.  Hopefully I'll have a square that is square-shaped to share after my next attempt!  

Progress is still being made here and there. Bannisters are up and nearly complete.    

Lots of boring, but necessary finish work is happening.  We're hoping to have the couch in its final resting spot here soon, and also have the guest bed set up after we clean up some of the finish work in the guest bedroom.  It's slow going right now, but we have much to be thankful for.

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