Friday, December 2, 2016

Loved it thanx

I'm sure you've heard me ramble on about something called the send item list at the library, which is a list of items patrons have requested. Every library system is different.  Some libraries print multiple lists every day or grab the items as they are requested.  The library I work for generates a list that we print daily, first thing in the morning.  It's one of my favorite things about working at the library.  I love collecting the items and sending them to our many different branches and sometimes even faraway places.  

I can talk about the send item list all day.  But I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, so I'll move on to the reason I'm bringing it up again.  This morning I grabbed the nonfiction chunk of the list like I do every day.  It's my favorite.  It also tends to be a bit longer than the rest of the sections so I rarely get finished before the rest of the sections are snapped up by my coworkers.  Today, when I finished the nonfiction section I noticed that the fiction section was up for grabs so I nabbed it fast and hurried back to the stacks.

As soon as I got there I immediately started thinking about the authors I was going to look up for my staff picks.  I like to keep the staff picks packed which is difficult to do because it's extremely popular.  The first author I thought of was Billie Letts.  So I moseyed along, slowly made my way to the L's, and pulled all the books whose spines were destined for the sacred holds sticker.

Luck was on my side because there happened to be a couple Billie Letts books available.  I grabbed the lesser known one - The Honk and the Holler Opening Soon - and couldn't resist flipping through the pages.  

As I was flipping through the book my staff picks bookmark fell out, which gave me a chuckle.  

And then I saw the note written at the top:

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