Saturday, December 24, 2016

the magical wheezing feather duster

The other night I went out for a walk.  Because it was dark and the sidewalks were still a bit icy and snowy I was concentrating on each step.  Very meditative, yes, but also demanding most of my attention.  

Just ahead a very strange sight materialized - what I thought at first was either an upended feather duster or worse, an angry poofy sewer rat.  I say angry because the thing was headed straight for me.  

I had only seconds to decide what to do - run and risk slipping on the ice, change direction and walk in the road, or continue on, hoping naively that the thing wasn't actually running towards me, but instead, towards something just behind me.  

Perhaps it was curiosity but I didn't change direction or pick up speed.  I let the thing race to my feet where it began wheezing heavily while leaping spiritedly against my ankles.  It was a dog! A very tiny, hairy dog!

I gave it a pat, combing its hair and looking for the source of its wheezing, but alas, I never found its face.

I said goodbye and started to walk away, but the little booger followed me.  Thankfully I noticed an open and very lit up garage a few houses ahead, so with the little feather duster dancing at my ankles, we walked towards it.

An elderly gentleman greeted us in the driveway, swiftly scooped up the dog and tucked it into the bib of his overalls.

He smiled at me and walked back towards the garage, his overalls wheezing happily.

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