Sunday, January 1, 2017

small things, big things

December was filled with meh reads.  There were a handful of books that were promising, but had disappointing endings.  No matter.  Looking back at the year of awesome books it looks like I read 40 children's books and 30 teen and adult books that blew me away.  2016 was a good year for reading.  

December's good reads:

A Small Thing... But Big by Tony Johnston and illustrated by Hadley Hooper

I wasn't in love with this book until the very end, and that's when I guffawed out loud, and in doing so, realized that this book had won me over. The interaction between Lizzie and the old man starts out adorable, gets a little weird and then, very quickly, blossoms into friendship. The illustrations were a little too soft and chalk-like for my taste, but I thought the layout had a lot of movement and was easy to follow.

Maple and Willow's Christmas Tree by Lori Nichols

Such an original and very sweet story of two sisters: Maple, who is allergic to their Christmas tree, and Willow, who is very upset at her sister for being allergic. I love how they use pig latin to pick out the tree. I love their silly tiff. But my favorite part of the book is Willow's unique apology to Maple.

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