Monday, January 30, 2017

I whip my angel hair pasta back and forth

My brother, Scott, just sent me these kitchen towels:

I'm not sure I'm cool enough for them.  When I saw them for the first time I started singing Riding Dirty by Chamillionaire and about 15 seconds later I realized I was singing White and Nerdy by Weird Al. 

And then, when I Googled Riding Dirty to make sure I was spelling Chamillionaire right, Google was all like, do you mean ridin dirty? 

Which reminded me of a necklace I used to have.  It had a giant gold butterfly that was as big as my hand.  It was so cheap it turned green after about 10 wears (and I was thrilled it lasted that long).

Well one day when I was wearing it at the library a patron said something along the lines of "that's some necklace."

And silly me, I pulled it away from my chest like the rapper I am and said, "this is my Snoop Dogg necklace."

The patron was Absolutely. Horrified.

He looked at me sternly and said, "I'm not sure you should say that."

For those of you who are like Snoop what??  This is exactly what I did:

It's probably a good thing the necklace turned green.  

But so what if I'm not cool enough for my new dish towels.  There's no one in my kitchen who's going to say, "I'm not sure you should you rap that."

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