Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I'm thankful for sloths, bears, cows, princesses and superheroes

The best books I read in February all happened to be children's books:

Pssst! by Adam Rex

- girl goes to zoo. animals of all varieties ask her to bring back some wacky stuff including bicycle helmets. girl is only mildly exasperated and complies. - I thought I didn't love this book until I had an extraordinary dream about being one of the sloths in this story - be prepared for a wonderful surprise ending

Finding Winnie by Lindsay Mattick and Illustrated by Sophie Blackall

- this is illustrated by Sophie Blackall, who is one of my most favorite illustrators. my favorite illustration is the one with Winnie sleeping beneath Harry's cot, and also the very next page, which is filled with flowers so beautiful I can almost smell them - I loved the format of this book: a mom reading to her son who asked a lot of questions during the story

Haystack by Bonnie and Arthur Geisert

- this book takes the reader on a cyclic journey through the seasons of a haystack, from the cutting and drying of grass to the stacking and packing of the hay until only a pile of manure remains, poop that ever so helpfully grows new grass for next year's haystack - the wonderful text is paired with melodic, thorough and breathtaking etchings - my favorite illustration is the snow-covered haystack that's protecting a herd of cattle (stinky bliss)​ 

The Most Wonderful Thing in the World by Vivian French and illustrated by Angela Barrett

- the predictable ending will only bring you happiness, and if you're like me, this predictable ending is an absolute must - the illustrations are simply magical (mermaids and beasts and acrobats) - this is a little wordy, but in a most excellent way

The Secret Remedy Book by Karin Cates

- Lolly gets to stay with her Auntie Zep for a month, and she's excited! But then she gets homesick and Auntie Zep comes up with a remedy that is a beautiful nod to practicing gratitude - illustrations are soft, joyful and a little wacky (Auntie Zep's headband!) - there is also lotsa lively language ('spidery handwriting that seemed to scuttle and scurry across the page' and a scarecrow with a 'necklace of cans')

El Deafo by Cece Bell

- I didn't read this book for a long time because I thought it would be 200+ pages of bunnies talking to me. Turns out the bunnies are really people, and hilarious and relatable bunny people at that - it's a true story! it's told in comic strips! it's about a girl, Cece, who is deaf and trying to fit in, and how she takes what most people would consider a disability and turns it into a superpower with the help of The Phonic Ear! - the facial expressions in this book are incredibly realistic and perfectly correlate with the emotions of the characters - also, when I started reading this Robert, who is not as book crazy as I am, snatched it from me and we ended up passing it back and forth and reading it together


  1. I love reading children's books! Some of them are brilliant! I love the sound of the Haystack.