Sunday, March 27, 2016

shenanigans and surprises

Today Robert and I bolted awake at 5:11.  Both Robert's cpap machine (he has sleep apnea) and the static machine suddenly stopped, which meant the electricity went out.  The eerie calm that typically precedes an outage never happened because all at once, without the static machine, we became aware of the torrent of ice and rain clicking and clanking on the roof and windows.  

We decided to wait it out even though we've had poor luck with electricity outages (the most memorable outage, which happened a few summers ago, lasted a whopping 4 days).  Even though we go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day whether we work or not, on our days off we do like to burrow back under the covers with a good book and sometimes doze, but Robert couldn't doze without his cpap machine, so it was very tough to relax even with all the soothing chaos going on outside.

At 6:30 we finally gave up and decided to get dressed using book lights.  What fun!  After much stumbling around, we packed on the layers and raced outside into the slush to grab breakfast at a local haunt.  

Thankfully by the time we came home the electricity was back on. Just in time for me to head back out for some crafting with my library pals where I received this very beautiful thread from a gal who spins and dyes her own yarn:


Once the slushy stuff stopped around noon the sun came out full force so the girls and I walked to one of our favorite places in the afternoon for a bit of sunshine and reading. 

To think I went from sloshing through ice and snow in my winter boots to soaking up the sunshine in my shorts all in one day is rather baffling, but honestly quite exciting.  Midwest weather is full of shenanigans and surprises, and it's almost never boring.  

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