Wednesday, March 23, 2016

roofers everywhere!

It looks like our porch is going to be filled in soon! Robert and the girls were happy to demonstrate what we will be doing a lot of once it's a true porch.  

The siding is slowly taking over the house in a scary movie kind of way.  Who will prevail?  Naked house or beige siding monster muahaha.  

Yesterday, while I was at work, Robert had the great excitement of watching the roofer ride the conveyor belt to the top of the house.

But when I got home Robert and I watched the roofing shingles go on, one strip at a time.

And when we snuck around the back there was another roofer!


  1. why didn't Robert jump on the conveyor? That would be fun - weeeeee

    House is starting to really resemble a home!

  2. Great to see that they started on the roof. Those roof shingles are massive and my husband and his team tried to get them on the roof by hand last year. They really struggled. You are lucky to have such a great roofer who got the job done so quickly. It looks great and gives the house character well done.

    Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roof