Monday, March 7, 2016

reliving memories thanks to my locker

I have been working on this photo collage that's in my work locker for roughly two years now.  I kept taping photos over photos, and recently I thought why not just rip it down and start over.  I must have close to a zillion pictures I want to display and only a little room on the inside of my locker.  Probably once a week I peruse an album on my computer, and while I'm there I organize, create new albums, soak up all the wonderful memories, and then I usually pick out a picture to take to work.  It's very cathartic and joyful process. 

Before I started over I took a picture:

Starting in the top left is one of my favorite pictures of my brother Scott, followed by my dogs when they where crazy and young and Robert and I when we were crazy and young.

Beneath us is a flower that used to be the banner on an old blog and I'm sure was taken by my mom, followed by Scott and I, my brother Jason and his dog, Spanky, Ella swimming in the pool and Ella laying all over my books.  

Beneath Jason and Spanky is a wonderful quote: "Your smile is a curve that can get a lot of things straight," which is a great quote any time but especially at work. 

Below the quote is one of Robert and I's jumping pictures.  Any time we go to a new state we do a jumping picture in front of the welcome sign.  

Next to it is a jumping picture of Robert, which happens to be at Hermann, MO, one of our favorite getaways.  Whenever Robert and I find a swing set we always do jumping contests.  We like to jump.  

Beneath that picture is a baby picture of Rose and next to Rose is my three lover pies laying on the porch, which they do often and it always makes my heart very happy.  

Two more pictures of the girls are next to a very good picture of dad, Scott and I and possibly the most handsomest picture of Robert.  

On the very bottom is Mitsy, who is the bird version of my grandma, and the full story about that is here.  Robert and I are next to Mitsy, where we were rescuing my mom and grandma in Needles, CA, and despite it being a crazy trip I only have fond memories of it.  Lastly is another flower, which maybe came from a trip to Powell Gardens.

It was a very warm and fuzzy kind of collage, one that always made me smile.    


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    1. I have nervous fingers tonight - to much diet coke, coffee, tea....

      As I was saying. This makes me cry, your happiness with your family shines through and reflects the most important people in your life.

      I don't remember the flower picture.