Monday, March 14, 2016


Robert and I took off to Branson over the weekend. We visited with family, did a fair amount of relaxing and checked in on his family's lake house. After many months, we finally met the full time renters who, with hard work and love, transformed it into a home.  

I also found a very unique necklace at a local artist run gallery.

We ended the trip with a hike that was a bit unusual. Because Robert is still mending from his back operation I thought he couldn't quite hack the slippery and rocky terrain so I ditched him.  

And then after awhile I ditched the trail as well and followed the sounds of bullfrogs until I ended up in a thorn patch.  After escaping the thorn patch and finding a road I called Robert and told him to come get me.  It turns out that he managed to hike the trail just fine and unlike me, finish it.  

While I never caught any bullfrogs I did find enough happy moments to last me until my next bullfrog chase.

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  1. You know the snail will be my favorite. The moss/ lichen though is beautiful!