Thursday, February 25, 2016

your review warmed the cockles of my heart

So you know that review I wrote for Susan Branch's book, A Fine Romance?  Well like most of my reviews I shared it on the website for the library I work for.



Here is our lovely exchange:

Susan Branch (not verified)
 (changed ) 
Well, you must know I could not stop myself from thanking you Hannah Jane C. for your lovely words. I'm SO glad you were able to come to the English Countryside with us! By the way, we are going to the Scottish Countryside this fall (2016), sailing again on the Queen Mary, and taking everyone (virtually) on my Blog with us . . . and we'd love to have you come along. One more thing, A Fine Romance actually was all hand written, not a font. Just a wee bit of an FYI, I have the chiropractor bills to prove it. :-) If you're at BEA in Chicago in May, stop by the Baker & Taylor booth and say Hi so I can thank you in person.

Hannah Jane C (not verified)
 (changed ) 
Wow, your comment totally made my day. I am thrilled to hear you are taking another journey this fall and I am looking forward to it as much as Martha's Vineyard, Isle of Dreams!
If you're ever in the Kansas City area I'd love to hear you speak or maybe even host you at our Library. Thanks again, so much!

Susan Branch (not verified)
 (changed ) 
Well, we just happen to be coming there on Wed. the 18th of May, to Unity Temple on the Plaza, for Rainy Day Books . . . Call them for details because I think it might be ticketed. I have a new book coming out . . . so many bookstores we're going to are working with their local libraries to put on these events, I wish I would have known you before! Thank you again Hanna, your review warmed the cockles of my heart. And I hope your loved one is all healed up now. Hope to see you in KC! xoxo

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  1. Wow! How neat!! you both!!