Saturday, February 13, 2016


A poem of mine was published in Nebo!

In the poem, which is called Crazy Quilt, I wove two places together, Lake of the Ozarks, MO, where I grew up, and Tucson, AZ, which is where a large chunk of my family resides, so the poem is very special to me.  Next time I see everyone I will share it with all of you.


  1. That's a great picture of you! Where can we get a copy of Nebo?

  2. I did some research before I had coffee and this is what I came up with thanks to Wikipedia.

    Nebo (god), a Babylonian god
    Nebo, Queensland, a town in coastal Queensland Australia
    On the Ivory Coast, Nébo, a town and sub-prefecture in Gôh-Djiboua District
    In South Africa another name has the moniker of Nebo, Limpopo, a town
    There are also cities in Wales called Nebo but let us focus on the United States. There are a plethora of towns that has the name of Nebo. Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, and California. Other Nebos in the US is the Nebo National Forest in Utah and the Nebo School District in Utah County, Utah.

    Anastasiya Petryk has a song called Nebo but I wasn't impressed but I did enjoy Nina Badric singing Nebo. I don't know if is the same song though.

    I will end this babbling with the fact that there is a Nebo Scorpion.

  3. Who the heck is anonymous? He/She sounds a little creepy....

    BTW you can get a copy of the book by contacting But I am waiting for my copy from HJ. It will be my belated birthday present.

  4. Mom, I have a copy for you in addition to a few other things... On that note, I have a couple copies for other family members who ask...

    I didn't realize Nebo stood for so many things. I talked to dad yesterday and he thinks I might be mispronouncing it : ).