Thursday, February 18, 2016

Rainbow Zen

This etsy item has a little story.

While I was in Tucson during my grandma's passing my mom and I spent a lot of time coloring in those fancy and complicated coloring books for adults.  It was very soothing and when I got home I fully intended on attacking a coloring book of my own.  But first I wanted to see if I could replicate that soothing and meditative coloring experience through embroidery.  So I very carefully picked out a lot of thread (11 colors!), an experience that felt similar to decoding the colors that decorated my grandma's aura.  I chose the wild batik based on how my comfort and happiness felt and looked to me when I was with her.  Then I randomly chose one of the 11 colors for each line as I circled out.  It was even better than coloring.  It had the same rhythm, stillness and concentration plus the motion of pulling the needle in and out that always makes me so happy.   And I could never accidentally color outside the lines!  

I'm going to give this technique a break, but I plan on doing this again, definitely on a solid fabric next time thanks to Robert's suggestion, and I will definitely go the route of choosing colors based on someone's aura, but I don't know who yet and even if I did it would be a secret.  

For the moment I've decided to send this out into the world because it's so happy. 

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