Friday, November 28, 2014

he rolled his eyes and corrected me

While I am not a Youth Librarian I do enjoy working with the kiddos at the library.  Any time the Youth Librarians have any gaps in their schedule I always volunteer to sub.  While there are a lot of "where are your princess books?" and "where are your superhero books?" questions I still enjoy being a sub-Youth Librarian for an hour here and there.  

Today, I spent about 15 happy minutes helping a grandma find animal movies that she could watch with her grandchildren who were coming into town for the holidays.

After that, I flopped on the floor and flipped through wolf books with a gregarious little boy.  Whenever I called them wolves he rolled his eyes and corrected me  - "they're wild dogs."  

When an adult asks for a book they never sit on the floor with me and pick out their favorites.  I think I would get more than a little eye-rolling if I found the WWII section, pulled out a stack of books, sat down and patted the floor next to me encouragingly.       

Also overheard in the youth area today - a mom pointing to a baby and asking her older kids "did you guys notice if Clara was wearing her shoes when we came in the library?"

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  1. I saw a lady (my age) sitting on the floor with a pile of cook books at the Goose and I just chuckled when she turned down offers of chairs or a stool. I love to sit on the floor when digging through music or books there is magic down there. Someday I will not be able to do this - until then look down.