Tuesday, November 11, 2014


“Age gracefully? I think not! Age ferociously instead.” 

After watching this movie I think I know who came up with that saying.

Barely twenty minutes into the film I was clapping and singing and having as much fun as the choir.  I was incredibly impressed with the choir’s level of dedication and enthusiasm.  Many members had health issues, some life-threatening, but when their voices united they overcame their problems.  At an average age of 80, the health issues did not surprise me.  I was, however, surprised by the tenacity of the choir and the strength of their singing.
In addition to fierce musicality, there was a powerful sense of camaraderie and a hefty dose of humor.  At one point a member of the choir says “we went from continent to continent until I became incontinent.” 

My favorite moments included “I Want to be Sedated” originally covered by The Ramones and The Pointer Sisters piece, “Yes We Can Can.”

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  1. You know I added this to my list.... I am exhausted today. So tired that my brain totally malfunctioned and I screwed up a register and made the mistake of asking Cindy if we left a sweater in her Roth bag. Tomorrow Cindy is girded up her loins and forcing me too and we are going to descend on Roth's. Go forth and get the sweater.... Mom will be there as my trusty sidekick. I read your surgery post and I know I have a few zingers in my brain but it is malfunctioning.... I plan to read it again when I am awake and perky.