Monday, November 24, 2014

Neon Deer

My latest piece:

I haven't taken him out of the hoop yet and cleaned up my marks.  By the way I am really digging my fabric pencils that I found at the fabric store.  The marks disappear with just a bit of water, and I can edit as I go.  

This is the most fun I've had with embroidery.  I had a great time changing my stitches every few minutes and playing with the shading.  

As soon as I finished, however, I felt this terrible emptiness, and struggled to start the next piece.  It took a whopping total of 10 hours to make this, and I started three audiobooks that can be found in my 'currently reading' list on Goodreads.  I have discovered that I am not complete unless I am in the middle of

* a good book 
* at least two good audiobooks
* composing a few poems 
* an embroidery project 


  1. When I was cross stitching I felt the same. I had piles of cross stitch patterns I created and only half were done to completion.

    I love this. Way cool.