Wednesday, November 26, 2014

a little nerdy perserverance

Thanks to my lovely stud muffin Robert, I have been reunited with my dream pop, Surge.  When I told Robert about my childhood Surge memories I never expected him to find a way to time travel and get me a can.  

Ok, so he didn't time travel.  But he did try and try to get me some Surge when they brought it back, but it was always sold out before he could get any.  Thanks to his undying love for me and a little nerdy perseverance, he nabbed some!  Three cases!  Enough to share with my librarian homies!  Enough to generate a mob of exclamation marks!

In the sixth grade I had this plastic pepto-bismol pink lunch box covered in a giant sticker of my last name courtesy of my dad, who had leftovers from a scrap business.  My lunchbox was not only cool because of that sticker, but also because it often had a can of Surge in it.  I can still feel it swinging in my hand, the stench of peanut butter and jelly spilling from it as I popped the snaps. 

Surge also appears in a few of my earliest poems and writings.  I believe I wrote a Pablo-Neruda-esque ode to it at one time.   

I was thrilled to see it arrive in the mail.  Did it make me queasy and just a shade lighter than its signature color?  Yes.  But was it worth it?  Absolutely.

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