Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tsk tsk

Poor Rose took a dunk in the tub
for she was filthy and needed a scrub.

Sadly, her mega pillow is in the washing machine
because it too, didn't smell nice and was no longer clean.

One little pillow isn't enough for my tush she said.
Can you please get me another schnauzer-sized bed?

Oh Rose, you silly horizontally-challenged dog.
This bed can fit a rafter of turkeys or a Christmas hog.

Tsk tsk, Rose said with stern eyes.
Can't you see this isn't the right size?

Don't worry Rose, your fat tush is safe from the floor.
Your stern look is too much!  I'll find a pillow, at least one more.

Thank you my towering human pawn.
Now shoo.  These eyes are tired.  Run along.

1 comment:

  1. Poor Rose
    In the corner is her nose...
    What has she done to deserve this fate...
    Did she forget during her bath to exfoliate?